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etymonline: assassin , from the source of hashish . They were a fanatical Muslim sect in the mountains of Lebanon at the time of the Crusades, under leadership of the “Old Man of the Mountains” (which translates Arabic shaik-al-jibal, name applied to Hasan ibu-al-Sabbah). In Western European minds 12c.-13c. they had a reputation for murdering opposing leaders after intoxicating themselves by eating hashish, but there is no evidence that the medieval Ismailis used hashish.

JFK assassination ( Origin:

这人说我们天天都在用社交媒体软件写自传:I’ve spent the last 10 years studying the history of presidential books for my own book, “Author in Chief.” But along the way, I discovered a strange little data set that helps explain how we went from an age when writing your autobiography was seen as risky and vain, to one when we’re constantly updating our autobiographies — one Instagram story at a time. The data largely supports Howells’s assertion. While researching that same decade — 1900 to 1909 — Bjorklund counted 31 different categories that contained at least two new autobiographies. A significant number of people reading, sharing and responding is not a byproduct of Instagram. That’s a byproduct of autobiography itself. (Origin: FiveThirtyEight)