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2020/12/15 大学本科入学率(选择VS努力) 2020/12/15 刚cctv里在说离婚冷静期 2020/12/15 Firms that took a PPP loan under $2 million are about to get a break

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Country/Feature/Source/Person/Rank/Clips+Keywords+Notes China/金融/知乎/挪威的石油诅咒/陈伟杰/University of Helsinki/经济学硕士/主权财富基金+ Dutch disease | 荷兰病 + Law of Jante | 斯堪的纳维亚社会文化准则 United Kingdom/咖啡史/Academia/Making Italian Espresso, Making Espresso Italian/Jonathan Morris/University of Hertfordshire/History/笔记 United States Of America/文化史/百度网盘/Albion’s Seed:Four British Folkways in America | 阿尔比恩的种子/David Hackett Fischer | 大卫•哈克特•费舍尔/马萨诸塞州/Brandeis University/历史学教授/笔记 … Crumb [A to E][F to J][K to O][P to T][U to Z] References to Documentary ” The Six”

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A etymonline: assassin , from the source of hashish . They were a fanatical Muslim sect in the mountains of Lebanon at the time of the Crusades, under leadership of the “Old Man of the Mountains” (which translates Arabic shaik-al-jibal, name applied to Hasan ibu-al-Sabbah). In Western European minds 12c.-13c. they had a reputation for murdering opposing leaders after intoxicating themselves by eating hashish, but there is no evidence that the medieval Ismailis used hashish. […]

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G Cute: These Money-Making Monkeys Having Jobs Picking Coconuts. Bang San is one of a dwindling handful of people who continue to use monkeys to gather coconuts. As Thai life becomes more modern, fewer people plant and maintain coconut trees, and even villagers on a tropical island are likely to buy coconut milk from the fresh market or, increasingly, in the form of UHT containers from a store. This means fewer and fewer gigs for […]

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M mansion: a large, impressive house ; a large block of house (Origin: Tapas App/comic/Borrowed Beauty/E1, TheFreeDictionary .com , Oxford Leaner’s Thesaurus) other ref: 现代汉语/ 大厦 vs 古代诗词 安得广厦千万间 other ref: Moller Villa Mansion / 马勒别墅 Image courtesy of Kimzy Nanney Klta news: Liquor, marijuana and guns fly off the shelves amid virus-fueled hoarding Aimd COVID-19, quickly meet demand marijuana : the psychoactive dried resinous flower buds and leaves of the female hemp or cannabis […]

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P palpate (etymonline, examine by touch) : same ancient Latin root palpare , between “ palpitate (etymonline: to beat or pulse rapidly, to throb) “ and “ feel “ . (Origin:Merriam-Webster Word of the day) Image courtesy of pandemic > epidemic > outbreak: geographic area with whole people > a smaller area throughout community and affect many people > localized area or a specific group. figuratively with “ wildfire” : If a virus is […]

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U 就问老哥赚翻没有,老鼠掉米缸里的赶脚 “On this side of Chicago, it’s not very common to have this unique layout,” said Bednarz. “Everything around us is either Dunkin or Starbucks.” 老哥发明艾尔酒风味咖啡 New Lenox-based Arrowhead Ales, in which he’s concocting a new ratio of green coffees to soaking liquid, soaking it and letting it dry again prior to roasting. It’s a long process,” said Bednarz. “It takes time.”再问老哥心塞不塞,这钱不好赚吧,痛并快乐着 I’m really the only game in town,” said Bednarz. “It’s a very […]


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