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reimburse: NPR News : “These flights will include a Marrakech to London Heathrow leg and an onward connecting flight to one of the 10 cities in the USA served by British Airways,” the embassy stated. The cost of each ticket is nearly $1,500 and passengers much reimburse the U.S. government, it added.

chinese translation in different way

someone to reimburse (pay back to ) sth for

someone to reimburse (pay back to) sth

credit: Haidas Rais

reimburse: Merriam-Webster: to pay back to someone for sth; to make payment of equivalent to

retronym: A retronym is a newer name for an existing thing that differentiates the original form or version from a more recent one. It is thus a word or phrase created to differentiate between two types, whereas previously (before there were two types) no clarification was required. Etymology The term retronym, a neologism composed of the combining forms retro- (from Latin retro, “before”) + -nym (from Greek ónoma, “name”), was coined by Frank Mankiewicz in 1980 and popularized by William Safire in The New York Times Magazine. ( Origin: Marriam-Webster ‘s Word of the day , Wikipedia )

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一言不合就大打出手,为了自己的偶像🤩,中外皆同啊,看他们打架好欢乐 : How A Photo Of Rival Soccer Fans Became ‘A Symbol Of Unity’ In Chile. (Origin: NPR News,,Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus )

Rival: a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity. / e.g. They were rivals in love. 💞

adversary : sb that is opposed to and competing with in an argument or fighting against in a battle.

opponent: a person who discuss strongly with sb else and try to argue against them in business, politics and spots.

rival soccer fans are fighting against each other